Admit One (25th Anniversary Remix and Remaster)

by Gaillion

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Released in December 1989 on Red Sun Records, "Admit One" was well received in the US and across Europe, and 25 years later, the eight original songs remain uncannily relevant.


released December 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Gaillion New York, New York

Gaillion, \GUY-lee-on\ is a progressive rock power trio, formed in Avon, CT by Don Gunn, drums and percussion; Todd Howard, vocals, bass and keyboards; and James Vasquenza Jr., guitars and backing vocals.

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Track Name: Prologue - Age Of Ignorance (25th Anniversary Remix and Remaster)
Age of Ignorance

Running through a sea of green
I looked to the sky
And wished the clouds
Into shapes of my imagination
Lying in the grass
The day had passed me by
I watched bright lights unfold
And blossom in the sky

I did not see
That was only the way
I wanted to be

Watched by all
They rise and fall
The keys to the past
When we explain
Our plans are in vain
The future is locked
In the minds of the present

They sent me away
To a place of truth
Knowledge was given
At a price
My sudden awareness
I did not want
Deprived of my dreams
My freedom of choice

Was taken from me
That was only the way
I used to be

I learned of the stars
And the clouds I had seen
I could not retain
My own memories
Of the bright lights
Above a sea of green
Track Name: Victory Parade (25th Anniversary Remix and Remaster)
Victory Parade

The man of the past
Sporting musket and arrows
Drew decisions on the battlefield
Things to be were revealed
Uncommon laws for a common cause
To save the ground upon which they walked
Was the essence of their existence
To move out West or save North from South
They killed their brothers with devoted persistence
Playing with fire
Or throwing stones
Becomes a game of power
To overthrow
Pack up the tribe
Start the crusade
March through the streets
Foreign banners wave
The man of the present
Has the past to live down
To compensate for early mistakes
He has to detonate in the underground
The tremble and quake was our own mistake
Revolutionary leaders
And forgotten sons
Take the blame for the nation
In the battle not won
Imperial powers
Place a lock on the tomb
The shame of the nation
The death of their home
The man of the future
Laughs at that which has been
While he picks through the rubble and dirt
Immune to the loss and hurt
Find unwelcome treasures from the drastic measures
Chivalry and valor are long since dead
The stuff of legends most easily ignored
Opposing only to carry on tradition
The battle becomes a pastime of the bored
Track Name: The Grand Facade (25th Anniversary Remix and Remaster)
The Grand Façade
High and mighty on their thrones
We get tricked by their deception
Fearful of the common word
They lie to counter oppression
Promises made
Promise betrayed
We keep them under suspicion
Interrogate the hypocrites
Subject them to crucifixion
Cast the foundations
Break the mold
Building blocks crash to the ground
Weave their web of hope and faith
Swallow their pride
Let the people down
Tell us right when they mean wrong
Adding to our confusion
Going past where they lead on
Seeing through the illusion
Break the rules
Lies the lies
Signing a new constitution
Keep the people in the dark
Countdown to revolution
Silent citizens hold their stand
Faithful to their reaction
Guilty parties are dealt their hand
Leading to extradition
Players in a game of money
Of power and exhibition
The wicked walk on every side
Shining light on our superstition
Track Name: Impact Eighty (25th Anniversary Remix and Remaster)
Impact Eighty
Foolish impulse
As you live on the edge
Always pushing farther
Cross that fatal bridge
Lying in your solitude
No more light will your eyes see
Feel the loss in our hearts
For eternity
Take the life
From your eyes
You left too soon
No one said goodbye
Take the life
From your friends
They had it all
Accept the bitter end
Feeling remorse
For your family
Learning to cope with that
Harsh reality
Those who don’t believe
That your gone so soon
Blame it on themselves or others
Forgetting about you
You’re in the past
We get on with our lives
I still see your face
The memory never fades
I remember
Times you made me laugh
Now I see that memory
Will never fade
Dedicated to the memory of Colleen Merriman
Track Name: In Spectral Eye (25th Anniversary Remix and Remaster)
In Spectral Eye
I move as the shadow
That light cannot bend
Stealthily silent
In my procession
To catch a sight
You dare not blink
I set my wail upon the wind
A wisp of smoke
The milky veil
To enshroud your head
And mind
An icy breath of
Death, my friend
That steals your soul with comic malign
A life that has gone
But refuses to move on
Keeps silent company
In the eternal playground
The festering soul
Only shreds of the whole
Feeds instinctive desires
To run the Merry- go- round
To see me hover
Changing shape and matter
Cast a glance
Yet within my hand
I clutch your heart
The beat and blood of you
And me
I will take your hand
And lead you on
To a world of neither Heaven
Nor Hell
But a place where you
Will become like me
Between two times to forever dwell
Track Name: Stellar Dreams (25th Anniversary Remix and Remaster)
Stellar Dreams

Stars weave their lace
When we build castles in space
Escape the harsh reality
Building beyond
The new colony

Cast aside differences
Boundaries are repressed
No territory for each nation
One void
By all possessed

As we exist in the beyond
We become extinct in the beyond
Reverence to immensity
Astral heavens to infinity
The excuse to leave our home
To escape the coming stone
A common worldly plight
“For our homeland we must fight”

The dreams of men before
To open a cosmic door
A portal to the stars
Where imagination runs afar

As we explore the gilded place
The vast and empty space
Our dreams are too celestial
Reality too
Track Name: Red Sun Sets (25th Anniversary Remix and Remaster)
Red Sun Sets

Sitting in an open place
Soft wind blows
Through the air I see
The approaching form
Take shape and grow

Here he comes
Moving nearer still
Through the mist and haze
Wrinkled and weathered cracks
Upon his face

Still we behold his spectacle
With a distant fascination
Time will come
When he lives
Without reservation

His mysterious march
Beating through the memories
Feather in hand
Decorated the head
Of a prophet or a doctor
Driven from his land

Forward he moves
He is past me now
To the white building
Free his ground somehow
As the dust devil turns
As the red sun sets